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TBIJournal.com is a website for people with tick borne illnesses who wish to keep a record (journal) of their health over time. It provides a Symptom Tracker, Treatment Log and tools for summarizing journal entries for self analysis or clinician discussion. It assists patients with Lyme Disease, Post Lyme Syndrome, or Chronic Lyme. Other tick borne co-infections, including Babesia, Bartonella and Ehrlichia, are supported in the Tick Borne Illness Journal.

Flexible journals can include: diagnoses, co-infection or Lyme symptom tracking, and recording vital statistics and treatments. Data entered by point and click selection is easily converted to charts, calendars or reports. These display changes over time, relate treatment and symptoms or summarize journal entries. They can help a patient identify triggers responsible for setbacks, identify a response to treatment, document concerns for discussion with their clinician or orient a new caregiver.

TBIJournal.com provides privacy for patients and their clinicians. Journals are identified only by a self selected User ID and password. No personal or clinician identifiers can be recorded. Site Terms and Conditions restrict use of other sensitive information.

TBIJournal.com is available, without cost or special software, to patients in the United States. TBIJournal.com is not a medical site. No information viewed or produced on this site should ever over-ride medical advice. Select View Demo to preview site features or before beginning a new journal.

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New 5/20/2014:
New to TBIJournal, or need a refresher? Check out Youtube videos for Symptom Tracker, Logging Prescription Meds, Logging Supplements and Creating Charts and Reports. Click on View Demo to see the video selection.